Indonesian visa

Indonesian visa


1.Type of Visa—————- one-month Normal tourism


Visa Approval Length———around 14 work-days



2.Type of Visa—————- one-month Fast tourism


Visa Approval Length———around 14 work-days





Documents required to apply for an Indonesian visa


Individual profile forms, including work place and home address with phone numbers

– A passport signed with a minimum of 7 months of validity from the date of return of the passenger + (previous passports)

–   Voucher for hotel in Indonesia.

– One to six pieces of white background color photo

– Round Ticket

– Monthly bank account, or quarterly average record, with a stamp and bank approval, and a bank deposit of 5 million USD and more.- Certificate of employment translation- Birth certificate card plus a copy of all pages-  One to six pieces of white background color photos.

Visa application rules (visa)


1.If the visa is issued for any reason, the embassy’s closure, nomadic similarity or passenger appearance, political differences, etc., are to be made later than due date, or do not give a visa to a traveler, this office will not be liable and has no responsibility. It is obvious that Safar Nikan Pars is the only visa applicant from the embassy, ​​not the visa issuer.

  1. If a visa of a person or persons (even of a group) is refused for any reason (supposable), Or delivered later by the Immigration Office, there is no responsibility for Safar Nikan Pars and the related offenses and related crimes (including ticket and hotel no-show tickets) is the passenger’s responsibility and other passengers are required to use the requested services and in any case of cancellation, they are required to pay the full amount of requested services (including tickets, visas, hotels and other requested services).
  2. If the visa is not given to a passenger for any reason or later than the due date of the visa, no visa fee or invitations would return to passengers

and all the costs of changing a date or a cancellation of a ticket and hotels are on the passenger’s expense responsibility.

4.It is better to register ticket and hotel reservation after issuing and obtaining a visa, because any possible damage due to the no visa assurance will be the responsibility of the passenger.

  1. The responsibility for controlling and checking the correctness of validated name, date, type of visa, the names of the companions and the contents of the visa are the responsibility of the traveler when receiving a visa.
  2. Any changes in prices at the above rates due to exchange rate fluctuations or increases of exchange rates on behalf of embassy is the responsibility of traveler.
  3. If you need a visa for a traveler participant with a passport, you must also send a written visa application form.
  4. The holder of the passport must be present in Iran if necessary.
  5. The control of all travel documents is the responsibility of the requesting agency.
  6. Passengers should have a passport with a minimum of seven months of validation.
  7. The address and telephone of the place of residence and the workplace of the passenger is required.
  8. In group visa for Indonesia, members of the group should arrive and depart together at the same time.
  9. A written request for applying a visa is required.
  10. The total cost of the visa is received before the action.
  11. You can apply for visa only by reservation of a hotel and flight.
  12. A business visa is only available and can be issued during the Indonesian exhibition.
  13. Sending documents and applying for a visa is the relevance need for issuing of all of the above visa categories.