Terms and conditions


Use of services and facilities

  1. The website of Safar Nkian Pars is governed by the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Internet Criminal Code and the Code of Conduct for e-commerce.

2. The Services and Content provided by the Travel Website are for use on this website. Any misuse of information, texts, pictures, drawings, designs, logos and … the site is prosecuted, and no individual or legal person is allowed to abuse the content of this website. Cite the contents of this website on the Internet, only by mentioning the name and website address of Safar Nikan Pars and link to the website, and in media, is allowed with the written permission of the website authorities.3. The personal information of users is completely confidential. Safsar Nikan Pars will try their best to protect your personal information. Therefore, in order to protect the privacy of users’ personal information, the user must make a commitment, so that the agent is not trying to hack any information on the site and has no affiliates or partners with any real or legal persons in this matter.
In addition, the user undertakes that any information regarding the use of hacking information by the person or institution in a manner that the user undertakes to notify any information on hacking information by the person or other organization as soon as possible to the management of the Safar Nikan Pars site as soon as possible.
4. Users are committed to submit their information when registering and booking correctly on the website. In case of incomplete or inaccurate information, the responsibility for the consequences of this action will be borne by users.
5. The user undertakes to correct any changes to his / her personal data as soon as possible on Safar Nikan Pars Website. Otherwise, this website will not be held liable for the consequences of the inaccuracy of the information contained.
6. The Travel Website will pay for airline ticket sales and will not be liable for any inconvenience, delay, or early flights.
7. Any misuse of the name of Safar Nikan Pars, the website of Safar Nikan Pars, the correspondence from Safar Nikan Pars or the use or misuse of similar names to create similarity and compatibility is highly forbidden, and through complaints and competent authorities, the courts for dealing with online crimes inside or outside the country as well as information to internet service providers and servers can be prosecuted.

  1. Safar Nikan Pars does not share any personal information with any other related collection, and competent authorities are allowed to use this information, if this is permitted in the law.


Reserve and purchase charter terms and conditions



1.Charter flights are subjected to further changes compared to system flights, and there would be no chance of cancellation for this types of flights and only in the case of assisting the charterer producer and replacing the passenger name or reselling it at the price of the day there is a possibility to return the money, Safar Nikan Pars is working hard to bring this risk to zero. 2.In the event of cancellation of charter flight from airline due to weather conditions or delays and … The amount of the ticket by submitting a sealed ticket is subjected to refund.


3.The charter ticket price for a newborn is up to 2 years, equivalent to 10% of the total cost of adult ticket which must be provided at the airport.


4. The charter ticket price for children between 2 and 12 years is equal to the adult ticket price.

Booking terms and conditions and airline ticket purchases



1.Ticket purchases on Safar Nikan Pars website are subjected to a set of e-commerce laws and regulations and any infringement will be prosecuted. The buyer undertakes to purchase tickets online and knows all the terms and conditions of the ticket purchase.

  1. Under the provisions of the Civil Aviation Organization, the responsibility for the consignment, delay or early, time of flight is the responsibility of the flight organizer.


3.When registering and booking a ticket, the name of the passenger must be entered correctly in English and Persian. There is no possibility to change the name of the passenger after the final purchase of the ticket and Safar Nikan Pars do not bear any responsibility for the information that has been made in error, and to correct the information, the passenger should cancel the ticket and re-purchase it.
4. The purchased ticket belongs to a passenger whose profile is entered into the system and is non-transferable. In case of non-compliance with the name of the passenger on the ticket and identification card, the passenger does not register.

  1. Under national airlift laws, baby travelers under two years of age, children between the ages of two and twelve and adult travelers over twelve years of age consider as travelers. In case of inaccuracy of the buyer and incorrect entry of the age category, the operation system prevents the passenger’s boarding on the aircraft, and the child’s ticket cannot be bought at any time alone and apart from an adult ticket.


  1. It should be noted that ticket prices are different for airline passenger’s children and adults, but in charter and non-refundable tickets, the ticket price for a child with an adult is equal.


7. After payment and confirmation, the booking and purchase are finalized and the ticket information is sent to the user by e-mail, when proceeding to the airport you should provide a charter ticket, and in system flights should provide a ticket number along with a valid certificate which is required to identify the applicable airline counterpart.

  1. Any consignment of a ticket by a passenger, in accordance with national aviation laws, includes a consignment fine. The amount of this fine is different according to the consular laws of each airline. After requesting an extradition by a passenger, the amount of the fine is deducted from the ticket price and the rest of the money, returns online to the traveler’s account. The term of repayment in interbank system is (between 24 and 72 hours). This is not true of charter flights or non-refundable flights and the cost of all such flights is paid in full in case of cancellation.


  1. Cancellation or delay of more than two hours of flight shall not include a consignment fine. In this case, the traveler will fill out an online application form for refund without penalty.



  1. It should be noted that if the flight is different from two different airlines,
    In case of cancellation of flight or cancellation of the flight due to a delay of more than two hours, cancellation of the return flight may include consignment fines.


  1. The buyer has no right to change the ticket price, handing over the provisions of the ticket in any way and any doubt or re-sell the ticket at a price above the mentioned amount.



12. In accordance with the laws of the State Aviation Organization, having a doctor’s document and prescription for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, epilepsy, severe anemia, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, those who are taking dialysis or those who use immunosuppressive drugs or any illness that is prohibited by air travel is essential when boarding an aircraft. It is also necessary for these travelers to take the medicines they need during their travels.
Hotel and accommodation cancellation regulations
In the case of any cancellation of Hotels and Resorts, the cost of 1 night or some of the hotels 2 nights as a penalty fine (no show) will reduce from the whole amount, and the remaining amount will be refunded to the passenger. However, if the hotel is guaranteed or chartered, the total amount of the hotel will be considered as loss.
Reservation and Cancellation Terms & Conditions of Kish Recreation Recreation reservation is not a final purchase, after confirmation by the Traveling Company and the coordination with the passenger and final payment, the ticket is issued and delivered. In case of any cancellation, the rest of the program will be returned to the passenger within 48 hours, If the recreation purchased is cancelled by the passenger. According to the rules of that recreation, and from the hours and days remaining to the start of the program, from 20 to 100 percent, the amount will be deducted and the rest will be returned to the passenger within 48 to 72 hours of working time hours.
Terms and conditions of deposit and refund
You can deposit the desired amount by referring to the payment page, and after approval by the company purchase it. In the case of funds deposited incorrectly or more sums of purchased services to refund the money after approval by Safar Nikan Pars and after 48 to 72 work hours, the amount will be refunded to the customer’s account. It should be noted that for some ports, due to a reduction in the percentage of displacement, about 1% of the due payment is deducted.               You can request a refund for any cancellation or similar items follow the link in the contact us, and fill in the relevant table. It should be noted that all requests are made within 48 to 72 hours.                                                                                                 Purchase all the services provided by Safar Nikan Pars (Hotel, airline ticket, tour, tourism services, etc.) is approved, only if you pay online through this company’s site or payment to the account number of this company. Otherwise, the company will not be liable for your purchase.

Online train ticket booking terms and conditions


  1. If you want to have a place for young children under the age of two, the child’s option should be used, otherwise, the insurance amount will be considered (10% of the ticket price and will be deducted).
  2. Individuals between 2 and 12 years of age are considered to be half-points, so the child’s option should be used.
  3. There is no problem issuing tickets for under-6s in women’s special wagon.
    This ticket will be refunded if a ticket is issued for ages above this range in this wagon.

4. In case of any improper use of quotas, the ticket must be refunded. 5. Avoid receiving a ticket that is not in your name or a ticket that is corrupted and has expunction.6. The ticket must be in the name of the guest. Do not enter duplicate names or abbreviations. Holders of non-homonym tickets are considered to be non-tickets holders.7. Veterans and the great family of martyrs should purchase the number of eligible people from the box related to the veteran or martyrs option in the site and fill in them.8. In case of use of martyrs or veteran quotas when issuing tickets, having a (valid) identification card when boarding a train is required.9. If the passenger wishes to make a ticket for two consecutive trains, he/she should be there at least 3 hours between the arrival of the first train and the destination of the second train. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the passenger to cancel the second ticket. A wagon in its entirety

  1. Due to the fact that it is not possible to reserve a ticket with the name and tariff in the internet sales system, the internet sales system is feasible. Use the “wagon in its entirety” option if you want to have the whole wagon. In the first step, enter the exact number of guests in the relevant section, (Number of adults, young children, etc.) and then tick the “wagon in its entirety” section.
  2. To take over the whole wagon if the number of guests is less than the number of wagon seats, you have to select the “wagon in its entirety” option and enter the actual number of guests in the relevant section. Note that the names of all guests must be entered in the profile. For example, for a family of father, mother and one young child, choose 3 passengers and then, to take over the whole wagon, click on the ” wagon in its entirety “.

Printing the ticket


1. Use the “Printing The Ticket” option displayed on the “Tickets” page, print your ticket and ride the train with the same ticket.

  1. Print tickets is available at all ticket sales stations and all counters in the city sales centers with a cost of 10,000 Rials per ticket.
  2. Be sure to print all the tickets on white A4 paper. Please refrain from printing tickets on branded and patterned paper.
  3. If you do not receive a printed ticket, all future responsibilities will be guests’ duty. (In case of damage to the train, Payment of damages is only available and due to holders of the printed ticket.)



Refund tickets


1.  Those tickets provided in the presence of the Traveler’s Office, up to an hour after issuance, if the train has not moved yet and in the case of sales center to be open, full payment ticket prices would be refundable at the center Exporter ticket to passengers.
2. According to the rules of the railway company of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Passenger train tickets in all ticket sales centers (at work hours of sales agents) by providing a valid identification card, including: (National Card Certificate, Passport Certificate) is refundable in accordance with the following rules and you do not need to go to the ticket outlets.- Up to 12 days before the train running, 90% of the ticket price is refundable. – From the 12th day before running to three hours before the movement of the train, 70% of the ticket price will return. –
From the last three hours to the moment of the train departing, 50% of the train ticket price would be refundable.- Ticket cannot be redeemed after train movement.  3. Tickets purchased online from Safar Nikan Pars site also subject to the rules of the Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran and can be refunded.
4. It is possible to refund train tickets online up to 45 minutes before the train runs.After that, you must return to the travel agency office in order to refund the ticket.


  1. Tickets purchased from other agency centers or purchased in person from Safar Nikan Pars office can only be refunded to an individual presence in the office.


  1. Repayment of damages for tickets that are liable to be damaged, is only going to be available in person’s presence at the Agency’s premises, by holding a national card, and a printed ticket.
  2. To refund tickets at sales centers, have a printed ticket and an identification card of the traveler with you.



Online busses ticket booking terms and conditions


1. Please consider choosing a chair for the passenger seat of the adjoining seat. Otherwise, your ticket is void and you will not receive any rights.

  1. In accordance with the notification, the first row seat selection for women is unauthorized.
    3. Until further notice, it is not possible to refund tickets online. To refund busses tickets, contact supporting department.
  2. Cancellation fees for each bus ticket, is in accordance with the co-operative laws of the issuer of the bus ticket.

5. By using the “Ticket Print” option displayed on the “Tickets” page, print your ticket and take the bus with the same ticket. Be sure to have your printed ticket with you.6. To travel to Istanbul by bus, having a passport with 7 month’s validation is required.