Top Popular Entertainment in Kish island

10 Top Popular Aquatic Entertainment in Kish island

Without a doubt, water recreation is the most exciting
experience which would be possible when traveling to Kish
island destinations and harbors. These types of entertainment
may look a bit expensive, but it's definitely worth the cost to pay
more for an unforgettable experience.
Kish island has progressed a lot over the past few years and can
easily compete with similar tourist destinations in many ways.
These days’ aquatics and water sports, has got many fans in thisisland.
10. Cruise ships

بهترین تفریحات در جزیره کیش

Cruise ships are considered luxurious and expensive, but the
facilities that provide you are worth the cost. There is a
restaurant, cinema, conference hall, library, children's playroom
and the possibility to watch live music on board.
Recently, in Kish island it is also possible for enthusiasts of
cruise ships to ride on expensive ships of the cruise-style and
experience of the rich and luxurious entertainment. Cruise ships
are a good option for people who want luxury and romantic fun.
9. Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is one of the most classic and most popular
recreations in all maritime areas, which is one of the most
expertise recreation in Kish island as well.

بهترین تفریحات در جزیره کیش

Particularly the coral islands and scuba diving experience issue
has made this discovery to become an experience that is both so
enjoyable and exciting.
The rich sea life around the island and the clear waters of the
Persian Gulf during a diving drowns you in a world full of
wonder. Watching colorful aquatic species and coral reefs can
be a good reason to travel to the beautiful Kish island to
experience the magnificent marine life.
8. Fly board
Fly board is a fascinating tool for connecting jet skis to the
possibility of hanging people in the air. The general idea of ​​this
device is based on pumping and water pressure.
Although this exciting sport is new and the life of this sport is
not so high, today it's getting more familiar beyond people and
has found many fans among travelers who travel to Kish, and it
is added to their fun a day in and a day out.
Balance in this sport is the first key word. Of course, after a little
bit of effort and error, you can somewhat master it, but it takes a
lot of practice on the board. However, anyone with any skill can
enjoy doing it, but it takes a little time.
7. Water skiing
As the name implies, this sport is about skiing with a pair of skis
and joining a fast-moving motor boat. If you have a good
strength and good balance, this is a suitable sport for you.
This sport age is back to about 1922, and today it is a favorite
sport for water sports enthusiasts. Speed ​​is a clear feature of

skiing on the water, so you should expect a lot of adrenaline
secretion in your body during this exercise.
6. Shuttle and Banana
Shuttle and Banana are two of the most exciting, popular and
entertaining water sports which are available on the Coral island
of Kish, a clear feature of these two entertainments, make them
possible to perform them as a single person and a group, that is
even much more enjoyable with families and friends.
During the shuttle and banana, you are riding on windmills and
moving quickly through a cable to a fast-moving motor boats.
5. Jet ski
Jet skiing can be considered as the foundation of most water
sports. In this sport, you drive on your own high-speed jet
motor, and exciting jet engines on the water. This sport requires
quick and timely decisions, and sometimes it can be dangerous.
This sport is available as a single player and doubles.
4. Water Theme Park
The island of Kish hosts the first and most equipped theme for
Iran's water park. The open-air Ocean theme includes the most
advanced games in the world, and with the creativity used in it,
it's a unique experience for you.
The theme park of the ocean includes 13 rides, 4 large
swimming pools, a spa, two restaurants, four café shops and two
3. Cable skiing

Cable skiing is popular in Kish island, which is suitable for
almost all ages. In this sport, people are skating on a skateboard
and by moving the cables back and fore that are connected to the
high towers, they move on the water and carry out various
Kish Cable ski is one of the largest in the world of its kind,
which is about 860 meters high and 160 meters wide. The 5
towers of this ski slide provide up to 12 people at a same time.
2. Submarine scooter
An exciting new sports submarine scooter in Kish island, which
is recommended for all water sports enthusiasts over the age of
12. During this sport, you can ride on submarine scooters
without much experience of diving underwater.
l. Para cell
Without exaggeration, Para cell should be considered one of the
most popular and most famous water sports. This sport is a
combination of water skiing and paragliding. You can connect to
a fast-moving motorboat with a high speed para cell parachute
umbrella and watch the world around you from the sky.
The rope that your interiors and boat are about 150 meters long
to allow you to climb more and higher floating in the sky.


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