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Safar Nikan Pars Travel, Tours Agency


With a vision of providing a suitable service and a relaxing journey, and in this regard, by using new and up-to-date technologies, it tries to produce tours and book hotels and tickets fully automotive and has developed in tourism industry. This travel agency deals with the sale of air tickets for domestic purposes, foreign ticket sales, visas, hotel reservations and organizing a tour of individual and group tours outside of Iran (Europe, the Near East, Far East, Africa, etc.). Safar Nikan Pars travel agency aims to introduce customers to the culture and civilizations of different countries by organizing domestic and foreign tourism tours, it provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy their travel and fulfill their experiences. Safar Nikan Pars travel agency has a license of tours and travel services (Part B Management) with serial number 113221031, registration company number 13222, and the code of economic activity number 1302000107-1. Mrs. Anna Beirami is the Managing Director and concessionaire.In order to improve the quality of tourism services in the country, Safar Nikan Pars is dedicated to the rapid distribution of fast tourism services with the highest quality and providing exclusive online services. While most companies still have traditional methods of signing a contract, hotel reservation and financial transaction, Safar Nikan Pars, by launching an online hotel reservation system has taken a long step towards the satisfaction of the passengers and partner agencies in the simplest form and in the quickest possible time, in order to use the facilities such as online reservation, airfare, hotel, (etc.) better and easier. We follow a simple philosophy in Safar Nikan Pars travel agency: Use talents, intellectual ideas and powerful tools to create superior service and give deep satisfaction to travelers all around the world. Our staff spares this philosophy fully every day, and they have come to believe that, they can influence and have a nice impact through the creation of the best memories and experiences on customers’ needs and wants. The result will be that we are always looking forward to providing a desirable and satisfactory quality service to our customers.   Safar Nikan Pars License

Permission to operate the “Part B Management”, which is related to the Cultural


Heritage and Tourism Organization


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