10 Things to do to make your flight delightful

Although air travel is the safest mode of transport, but many
are scaring and stressed when travelling on a plane so that it
can have a significant impact on their travel quality.
In this article, we would introduce ten ways to reduce stress
and increase the quality and satisfaction of air travel. If you
follow these recommendations well, you can enjoy your trip by
10. Get ready early
It may seem normal, but there are people who arrive at the
airport at the last minute. This can in itself impose a lot of
stress on you. So, get to the airport sooner to avoid having such
an experience and risk less.
9. Online review
The online review of the latest changes and rules always saves
considerable time, because we do not have to stand in long
queues and raise our questions.
Flying by plane
Today, you can do many of the airport-related work online, and
just post your small work to the airport itself. So, get used to
this style of travel.
8. Be light for your travel

Let's be honest with ourselves, it's just that, having all the
necessary tools for a comfortable trip gives us a better feeling,
but certainly nobody likes to have a heavy load for a long time.
This can be tedious and annoying for even the strongest
people. For example, if you are travelling to go the tropical
countries, you will need plenty of clothes, Underwear, shorts,
and thin clothes which are enough for you. In the meantime,
you will not need personal items such as toothbrush,
toothpaste or shampoo, as most hotels provide these items, or
you can provide them by shopping from the most of the
shopping stores easily.
So do not worry about it and travel as light as you can, beside
it’s better to use travel bags instead of luggage for travelling.
7. Packing
Think about the things you can bring to your plane, if you are
not sure, then do not carry any extra devices. If bottles
containing liquid materials are larger than 100 ml or spray cans,
it is likely that airport security authorities will capture them.
Also, try to pack the items you carry with yourself and lower
your load scale to the extent as much possible as you can.
6. Safety
When you arrive at the airport security section, have everything
you need ready to show officers. Keep electronic devices such
as laptops and iPhone out of the luggage, so that they can be
easily accessed when they cross the x-ray device.

Try to always put off stuffs like the belt before you reach any
security sections and have nothing to carry except the passport,
flight card and your bag pack.
5. Save favorite movies, books, and music on your phone or

You can never rely on any flight fun systems. I strongly state
that this may happen many times and the flying entertainment
systems might be in trouble. So, I recommend you always keep
movies and serials with your favorite music on your phone and
tablet so that you do not need to gauge the entire route to look
at front or the outside of the plane. This is practical at the
airport for transit flights too.
4. Having some food
On long flights, food and drink are always limited to travelers,
so sometimes we need more food. The airplane's dishes are
coming to an end and it forces you to buy some food from an
airplane, which is a trick.
So it would be better to have some toast, cheese and jams or
cold and ready-made sandwiches or snacks and serve
yourselves. This is especially true when you travel with your
children. No one can tell a kid to stay hungry to reach the
So trust us and bring some food. Remember, you cannot have
more than 100 grams of food with you, and most of this is

transferred to the warehouse of the aircraft, and food should
be packed in zipper bags.
3. Airport lounge
Most airports have their own halls for the comfort of their
passengers, so that passengers can relax for the rest of their
time. Many flights are usually delayed, so the advantage of
these halls is that you can relax on the couches of the airport,
use the facilities such as Wi-Fi, baths, shops and free drinks.
In some parts of the world it is possible to apply for VIP cards
and use them in more than 600 resting places around the
world. Otherwise, you have to pay some extra money for these
rooms at any time.
2. Water
Water is always a vital concern for travelers. You know that you
cannot dispose of any blue bottles from the airport security
gates. How about empty bottles? Many people are forced to
leave their water tanks and flasks behind.
So if you have to have something to fill it in, it's best to use
flexible bottles buy mineral water bottles at the airport. Flight
officials have the duty to provide the water needed for
travelers, but believe that this does not happen to the people
or that you have less access to these authorities. However, it's
always best to ask what you need to do without feeling ill at
1. Do not consume coffee and tea

Research shows that drinking water supplied from the aircraft
contains pathogenic bacteria. Tea and coffee are made from
this water inside the aircraft. So, if your body's immune system
is not in good condition, you may be in trouble. So avoid using
these two drinks as much as possible and, as we said earlier,
take your own bottle of water.

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